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Many companies are now converting to another language.  We have  lots of tools to reduce the cost.    Regardless of the language you are converting to, our tools will help save time and money. 


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The challenge: provide an affordable way to convert Visual FoxPro (VFP) to .NET

Conversion to another language became a serious issue when Microsoft announced the end of life of VFP.  About 4 years ago we attempted to convert a very large VFP program to .NET and, once we realized the full cost, had to stop. For the next 2 years we abandoned the idea that such conversions could be done at a reasonable cost. However, we thought that programs running under VFP would continue to do so for a very long time. But in the past year, we have faced increasing difficulty finding available VFP programmers.

Many of the younger programmers left for a language with a future. Older ones retired, died, or just got too ill to do the work any longer.

The real crisis: the lack of available Visual FoxPro programmers makes conversion one of the most important things many businesses need to do soon.

Side note: if you are skilled at both VFP and VB.NET or C#.NET and would like some part-time work, contact us.

The solution:  automate as much of the conversion process as possible.

Over a year ago, we began writing programs that take fewer VFP experts. Below is a brief introduction to these programs. 

If you are considering converting to .NET (VB or C#), contact us. We are getting very busy so do not wait too long. In a few more months, we will reach our capacity and then you will have to wait a very long time for us to get started on your project.

scxdoc.prg - automatically converts VFP screens to VB.NET screens.  Also, converts much of the code in the screen. We will have a C# version available later this year.

frxdoc.prg - all information needed to recreate the report in any language is put into a text file.  

mnxdoc.prg - all information needed to recreate the menu in any language is put into a text file.  

howmany.prg - creates project.dbf which gives project name, location, and  size as well as number of scx's, frx's, prg's, and vcx's

pjxdoc.prg - howmany.prg creates project.dbf which gives project name, location, and  size as well as number of scx's, frx's, prg's, and vcx's. It also puts all frx,scx,prg,mnx,lbx names in allfrxscx.dbf

makeobjects.prg - creates a record for each object on each form with formname, class, count/form

doctagsused.prg -  this program finds tags used as opposed to those created by a reindex program. It looks in the cdx files rather than the reindex program. Programmers often add tags manually and fail to add them to the reindex program.

scanobj.prg - scans all forms of a given class and browses for a given condition,    e.g. brings up all forms with multi column widths in combo boxes

viewallprojects.prg - open all projects in a folder.  Very useful when there a multiple projects.

makeevents.prg - puts VFP events into form.vb with the VFP code commented out and, to the extent possible, puts the VB code in place.  

testassist.prg - reduces time to test. Helps with determining if all events have been added to VB and if actual code has been put in.

Misc: we use Telerik controls to save time and to increase the power of the .NET forms.


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Prior to retaining ERW Custom Programming, our organization had spent many months working with various programmers on our custom software. The poor service had become so frustrating that many changes were delayed. Then ERW Custom Programming was recommended to us. In a few short weeks, ERW has completed the updating of our custom program both very efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Cindy K. Reed, Corporate Manager, Airstream RV Association See other references

Many custom programs return 10-20 times the investment over a 7 year period and many of them have a break even point of less than 6 months. Sometimes the break even point is measured in weeks. Can you really afford to keep putting off the decision?