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Managing Your Project

In April 2003, we launched our on-line Project Manager and Time and Billing program.  The data for this program resides on our commercial grade web server.

This program allows you to monitor the work on your project in near real-time.  Once a task is approved and assigned, our programmer can then open a time card and begin work.  Example: you have authorized us to create a customer screen for you.  When the programmer logs into our system, he sees the assignment and creates a time card (at 9:00 am in this example).  At 9:01 am, you log in and run one of the “Time Card” reports.  You can see that the programmer is working on your customer screen.  As the day progresses (every hour or two), the programmer will update the time card – entering cumulative hours and adding to the description.  If he has run into any problems, they will be noted.

At the end of the day, the programmer will check the “Ready to Invoice” box in his time card.  He can no longer make any changes.  If you have and questions about the work, you can immediately contact us to discuss the questions.

Because we have provided this tool to you, we expect you to closely follow the work and raise questions about the work being done promptly.  Generally within a few days at most.

If you are using our system to oversee a contract programmer, you are fully responsible for his work progress.  Having said that, this is a great tool for overseeing contract programmers.

You can oversee (only if you wish, of course) the work on your program easier than you can oversee most of your own employees’ work.  And you can do it from anywhere, even wireless from a Palm Pilot or similar device.

As a registered customer or registered prospective customer, you can interact with us and manage your program 24/7 from any browser.  You can even go to any Kinko’s or almost any library, log-in and find out the status of your project, add or change tasks, etc.

When you log in to your Customer Menu, you will see 4 options: Add Tasks, Review Tasks, Time Cards and Time Cards 2.

          Add Tasks

Allows you to add, change, approve, remove approval, put on hold, take off  hold, change priorities, add customer notes, change task description, put in minimum and maximum hours, put in begin and end dates for the task.  

You can duplicate a task and assign a similar task to another programmer or user with a click of the "Dup. New Programmer" button. 

You can assign multiple tasks to the same programmer with a click of the “Dup New Task” button.

Any number of people from your company can be added to our User/Programmer table. This allows you to assign tasks to your own staff with respect to a given project.  If you wish, you can have them create a timecard on our system.  The work they did will be on our invoices (no charge, of course).  In a single document you can follow the progress of the work on your program. 

Anytime you add or change a task, all persons involved are  automatically and immediately emailed the original task and, if a change is involved, the new and old entries are shown.

All hours are charged to approved tasks, allowing for easy tracking of estimates.

          Review Tasks

 Similar to “Add Tasks” but not as powerful.

          Time Cards

All information about every time card for your projects is listed within a range of dates you enter.  The total hours are also displayed for the range you selected.

          Time Cards 2

 Same as Time Cards but more room is made for work description. 

We have another program written in Microsoft Access which creates invoices from the time cards, posts each time card with the invoice number and date and then prints the invoice.   The customer number, invoice number, invoice date and the invoice amount are automatically posted to a custom accounts receivable program.   The same information can be posted to Peachtree or QuickBooks.

If you would like to have a program like this one to manage work in your company, give me a call.  Believe me, your customers will be very happy to have 24/7 world wide access to your project manager.

Wes Wilson, President
ERW Custom Programming, Inc.
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