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Is FoxPro or Visual FoxPro dead? Should I convert my FoxPro / Visual FoxPro program to .NET?.

  • It depends on many variables.   If your FoxPro or Visual FoxPro program is “mission critical” you may want to convert to .NET.  If you are concerned about being able to find qualified FoxPro programmers, you may want to convert to .NET.  However, if your budget is the driving factor at this time, you may have to stay with FoxPro or Visual FoxPro.  We have decades of experience to help you stay with FoxPro or Visual FoxPro.
  • We have written a set of custom Visual FoxPro programs that significantly lowers the time it takes convert to .NET.  These program can save anywhere from days of programming time to many weeks.
  • These programs are not for sale. They are for our use when converting our customers' programs.  If you would like us to use these programs on your program, we will do that and send you back the output

    If you have .NET programmers and would like us to also provide pseudo code, we will do that as well.

    These programs include:

    1. Converting Fox data structures (DBFs) to SQL structures
    2. Converting FoxPro data to SQL data
    3. Pulling all @SAYs and @GETs out of all SPR files and organize them in easy to follow row, column order
    4. Putting all fields in all FoxPro tables into one table for easy lookup
    5. Putting all tag names and index expressions from all CDX files into on table for easy lookup
    6. Putting all relations from all SPR and PRG files into one file
    7. Putting all whens and valids into one table for easy lookup

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