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If you send us your program along with enough data so we can run it, we will be happy to give you a “ball park estimate”.   If you think the estimate is reasonable, we can then work with you to get all of your requirements in writing so we can give you a more accurate estimate. 

Notice: This offer is for U.S. companies only.  You must send a valid company name, address and phone number along with your e-mail address.  None of this information will kept or used for any purpose other than to provide you with your ballpark estimate.  It is likely we will have to ask you questions before we can give you an estimate so we will be contacting you via telephone or e-mail

Please “zip” your files and send them to us.  A zip file is one that contains one or more compressed files that can be uncompressed when it arrives.  If security is an issue, you can password protect the zip file first.

Call if you have any questions.

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