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The Programming Process

1. Initial Estimate - if this is a conversion, we need a copy of the existing program with source code as well as enough data to run the program.   We will be happy to sign a nondisclosure agreement.  We will then give you a broad range as well as an estimate of the time needed to

2. Online Design - during the design phase, we will publish your sample screens and reports to a private web site for you and your staff to review.   This makes collaboration very easy.

3. Programming - a list of tasks will be created on our Project Management system for your approval.  Once approved, our programmers will be able to open time cards so you can monitor the work 24/7.   You will have your own Customer Menu for tracking and reporting on our work.

4. Testing - you need to continuously test the work as the work in progress.  This will reduce programming time. 

5. Field Testing - this testing is done after the program is complete but before it goes into production.   Any bugs found while testing will be fixed promptly.  Testing and debugging are part of the custom programming process and will be charged for.

6. Installation and Training - we will install your program, convert your data and provide any additional training you need.

7. Ongoing Support - we are available to make whatever enhancements you want.  We have one customer who we have been supporting for over 20 years.

8. Ownership - you will have full ownership and rights to the completed program.  Once final payment is made, you will be sent the source code so you can maintain the program yourself, if you wish.

9. Training - if you or one of your employees would like to learn enough to do your own reports and queries, we will do that for you.   Or, if you wish, we can train you to much higher levels that would enable you to add fields to tables, fields to screens, etc.